What Makes Cake So Delicious?

Oil produces a velvety smooth texture, adds moisture and crumb appeal. We use soybean oil, which has zero grams of trans fat. Eggs provide proteins and proteins is what gives our cake its volume, height, structure, and contributes to crumb appeal. When we use egg whites or whole eggs (ultra pasteruized liquid eggs), the pasteuirzation process ensures the eggs we use are always consistent in portein content and far superior to even some fresh eggs, which can vary in size, therefore affecting the protein content. Flavorings & Extracts - They provide the perfect combination for a rich deep flavor profile, we use natural and artificial vanilla extract and almond emulsion. In the right proportion the two flavors marry together perfectly. Too much almond will make it bitter, not enough vanilla and it will be bland.

Choosing the Right Cake

Ultimately you are the one paying for and providing the cake for your guests. You have spent time, and maybe a few extra pounds, tasting and deciding which flavors tickle your taste buds. You want your specialty cake to be a flavor combination that you love and enjoy. There is no need to sweat the small stuff because honestly, if you love your cake, your guests will too. Choosing the right flavor for your custom cake doesn’t have to be stressful.