Exercise 15 Instructions

  1. Open Illustrator
  2. Set the size of the artboard to 5in by 5in
  3. Under brush definition select charcoal feather
  4. Set the outline to color code #3271B7
  5. On the bottom third of this art board, 25 draw rounded streaks and distribute them throughout the lower third
  6. Select the circle tool, and set the outline to color code #FF9D2E
  7. Draw a circle that is 1.16 inches by 1.16 inches
  8. See step 3
  9. Set the outline to color code #FF9D2E
  10. Draw 10 lines around the circle at 1 o’clock thru 10 o’clock
  11. Export as jpg
  12. Email it to me cmatt@masonlive.gmu.edu
  13. Jonathan