Assignment 1: Christina Matt

  1. What do you want to be called?

  2. I like to be called Christina

  3. Where are you from?

  4. Richmond, Virginia.

  5. Where do you live now?

  6. I live in an on campus apartment.

  7. What did you do over winter break?

  8. For the majority of my break, I just blobbed around the house. Then I went on a spontaneous trip to Europe, because I found a ridiculoudly cheap flight, and figured that this winter break would be the last significant chunk of time that I have before I start working 40 hours a week. I visited Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and London, over 10 days. I had so much fun, and met so many cool people.

  9. What is one of your favorite movies?

  10. Bridget Jones' Diary is one of my favorite movies

  11. What is your favorite game?

  12. I am not a gamer, but I enjoy the card game Rummy.

  13. What is your least favorite color?

  14. My least favorite color is dark brown - like those dark brown cabinets that some people have in their kitchens. I feel this way because it's a difficult color to match, and if it's dark enough, it can just be confused for black.

  15. What is the last book you read?

  16. A Casual Vacancy -- that book that J.K. Rowling wrote under a pseudonym

  17. Why are you taking this class?

  18. I am taking this class because I think it would be useful -- I am a Communications major with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism, and I think that web design falls under the production portion of my degree. I am also attracted to the idea that web designers can work from anywhere; it is my ambition to do a lot of traveling while I am young, so I am eager to learn skills that would allow me to make money anywhere.

  19. Would you rather fight one hundred sized horses or one horse sized duck?

  20. I'd rather fight one horse sized duck, because there is only one. That way I wouldn't have to be too overwhelmed and could concentrate my efforts.